Non reader that wants to become a reader

I am a slow reader and i can’t really get into reading because i find it quite challenging (i can read decently but the drive isn’t there). Any tips? thanks


Dont try to read a lot at once. Its much more important to be consistent, so try to read for a set duration every single day (like half an hour or one hour).


I second this advice, it helped me go back to reading after school ruined my passion for it. It does not even have to be as much as half an hour, I started with 15 minutes, consistency is what matters.


There is nothing wrong with audiobooks if you’re a slow reader. I am dyslexic and a podcast fan, so most of my reading is in audiobook form or using TTS on ebooks. Or if you can still retain the info visually, you can read ebooks on night mode or using different background colours/fonts/etc according to your needs.

Also, read things on subjects you like, rather than trying to follow a bucketlist or “1001 classics you must read BEFORE YOU DIE”. Life if simultaneously too short and too long to be spent on expectations. Not even academics read that much (mostly just skimming through abstracts, introductions and conclusions).


Yes, this!

Regarding audiobooks, I have actually been listening to Audiobooks since last December and I really have been completing books more quickly and have been enjoying it much more.

The thing is, I spend the majority of my day at work reading documentation and writing code, so audiobooks are a welcome change.

I recently finished Norse Mythology by Neil Geiman, which I listened to as an Audiobook instead of reading. I am also currently listening to The Ancestor’s Tale by Richard Dawkins because I always wanted to learn more about evolution, since we didn’t learn about at school in my country.


Same, I’ve read sooo many audiobooks over the past few years, whilst doing things like driving, chores, cooking / eating meals. Eventually you realize books are much more entertaining content overall than pretty much any other medium.


Key is to turn it into a habit. Start by finding a consistent time when you read. For example, in the evening. You can start with making it a at least half an hour and read as long as you can. Eventually you’ll be reading longer.

Another important aspect is to find stories you enjoy reading. The writing style of the author makes a huge difference. If you’re reading a book and it feels like a chore, switch to a different book.

Short stories are a good way to get into reading since you get a feeling of accomplishment finishing them, and you can feel progress quickly. Pump 6 and other stories and Exhalation are good anthologies I can recommend.


I am similar and I would advice against reading book series. get some smaller books which ineterest you and read them first before you decide to read through something like LOTR or ASOIAF.

you will have more feelings of success faster that way.


any suggestions?


maybe some thrillers like ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’ or ‘sharp objects’? i have the impression that thrillers are pretty easy to read and often want me to come back since I want to know whodunnit. the first one is a part of a series though but does work on its own.

or maybe some books from friedrich dürrenmatt. or ready player one if you can connect with nerdy topics.

First, read stuff that you’re interested in. Or the book from movies that you have seen. Second, read before bed, not only does it help relax you to sleep, but it takes the place of screen time.


but it takes the place of screen time.

Tfw you use an ancient iPad as a glorified eReader. :/

I really need to stop doing this, but I have most of my books as eBook, unfortunately. The problem is that I often get distracted while reading, since it’s really tempting to just open Safari and browse reddit.


ebooks are fine but get a dedicated device for it so you wont get distracted. i once got a simple tolino for 19€ in a sale, I guess you could find a used kindle for a similar price point.


Are there any e-readers that can connect to a pc (so that i can put pdf/epubs on it)


i think any reader can does this. kindle and tolino for sure. you will want to use the foss software calibre to manage your books, it can send books to kindles and will convert them when they are not in the right format. kindles cannot open epub so you have to convert to mobi or azw3 format which calibre does. ive got the current kindle paperwhite and love it. i dont read pdf on it though because its mostly a pain. i got an android tablet for pdf.


oh neat thanks

ghost laptop

It depends of what you are into, but I would start by reading litersture rather than theory and I would start with short and simple books. If you tell me some of your interests I may be able to recommend you some easy books.


Try reading 20 or so pages a day.


Despite a career in software engineering, the list of books I’ve read is shorter than my grocery list. Several years ago I found a book that just grabbed me and I read the 800 pages in about a week.

It can be hard to find the right book. I suggest finding a book that relates to a topic that really grabs your attention, but that you don’t know a lot about. This will fuel the desire to keep reading the book. If you find yourself having trouble concentrating, think about what isn’t grabbing your attention and look for books that go in the opposite direction. In the end it is similar to watching a documentary. Some I could sleep through, others I watch on repeat.

I would say set aside maybe 20 or 30 minutes before bed, and start with something you enjoy and that’s fun to read.

Outside that, I would also say find a book club that you can join that reads stuff you like. Sometimes that pressure to finish the book helps me get through.

And don’t discount audiobooks, as I LOVE listening to them while doing things like dishes, cooking dinner, folding laundry etc.

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