Noob questions for a start !

Hi, just discovered beaker here and the protocol that it uses. I have a simple question : if I browse to a page I like, and want to support it by “seeding” to help with the availability of the page, is there a simple way to do so with for example a simple and lightweight client that could run on a server (or a simple self-hosted server on a single board computer) ?

Can I do it for a specific page ? For a complete hyperdrive ?

Is there a simple way for an author to be identified as the creator of an hyperdrive, and if so, can I download and help seeding for all the work of a single author across multiple drives ?

Sorry if there are any stupid questions, I’m just a curious noob ! Don’t be afraid to point it out if any questions are not that relevant !


Hello man!

No problem, we all have questions, and yours is wonderfull! btw regarding your question, i would suggest you go through beginners guide for hyperdrives and etc on Beaker:) hyperdrive (or "drive",HTML%2FJS%2FCSS).


This seems really cool. I’ll be taking a closer look at this for sure!


Glad to hear:)

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