Don't recommend Lemmy to Reddit users.

Reddit users don’t care about the benefits Lemmy brings, they are fixated on the political views of the devs. If you didn’t do it yet, don’t. For Stallman’s sake don’t.

Even though some people want to fixate on the wrong things, people who care about what we provide will migrate over. And advertising on sites like Reddit is the only real way of getting the word out.

And it’s better if Lemmy users tell Redditors about Lemmy, than it is for Redditors to tell Redditors about Lemmy. With the former, we can control the initial conversation, with the latter we can’t.

To be fair, I’ve been on Reddit for years and never even once talked about politics, nor read anything related. Then after searching for quite a while I found Lemmy, and I’m glad I did. So getting the word out doesn’t seem bad at all.


It would be better to gain users who have actual interests, not ones who want to talk about politics 24/7.


Those who want to “talk politics 24/7” discourge normal users too. This will just make Lemmy look worse than it already does, you’ve been warned.


well lemmy is great arent they talking with second interest ?

That’s just false. Don’t spread FUD. I used Reddit for years, and recently came to Lemmy due to the benefits. Don’t typecast all of reddit to your dillusions.


Don’t blame me blame the Redditors who everytime Lemmy is proposed as an alternative shot it down and spread worse FUD than the one I’m spreading saying Lemmy devs are censorship happy tankies and make a big deal out of the slur filter. I don’t want people go through unnecessary frustration ok?


deleted by creator


what does Stallman have to do with anything related to this topic?

Absolutely nothing, I just wrote “for Stallman’s sake” instead of “for God’s sake” XD I don’t think you’ll have much success, people will just believe the first thing they heard.

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