Strange. I saw someone talking about paid tweets today, but thought it was a joke. Who would want to pay for this?!

Lately, Twitter seems to just copy of features from all kinds of other platforms and just mash them together D:


Lately, Twitter seems to just copy of features from all kinds of other platforms and just mash them together

It feels like Facebook and Twitter have been like this for a while, especially with stuff like stories.

I just wonder when it’ll end.

I just wonder when it’ll end.

Never. They know that the only way for them is down or stay afloat, that’s why they have to buy stuff and merge new trends. I hope that people won’t like that, but maybe they will.

What is Facebook supposed to do? The time of facebook.com has long gone, nobody thinks it’s cool, old people still sign up but nobody of relevance for the future.

That’s why they bought Instagram


That is a big threat to Patreon I would say. Didn’t expect Twitter to go there, but it seems like a reasonable thing for Twitter to do.


No idea how they will moderate these posts, but I see it also cutting into OnlyFans’ popularity if they allow NSFW stuff.

Probably they will, since they already allow NSFW stuff on the regular platform


I don’t think people should be paying to see tweets. It should belong to the commons. I don’t mind seeing ads or paying for video content because that takes a lot of work.

But, I would imagine that twitter will try to be more like youtube/tik tok/instagram so maybe it would make more sense then.

I don’t mind seeing ads

I do. I hold the advertisement model as responsible for the state of the web today. We need to find another revenue model for funding web content, otherwise we’ll be stuck with zero privacy on the web and saturated with low effort, click-bait content.

Yeah having no ads or a business model based on advertising is one of the greatest features of Mastodon, Lemmy etc. basically all free software has this advantage.


Me too. Not only is it bad for slow internet, privacy and makes many web pages look like utter shit, when I go to a website I don’t want to see ads I want to see the content they out out.


I should clarify, I don’t mind seeing ads on youtube compared to twitter.

But in general I prefer not to have ads and instead be entirely community funded/donations.

The problem is, a lot of people don’t have money to spare especially these days.

And, to be fair, this advertising model on youtube gave rise to new media which overall has been a good thing and an answer to cable news propaganda.

Bitcoin while there were still room in the blocks did solve that problem. Most people just didn’t and still don’t understand that. Just think of it as some kind of investment scheme or something used by criminals.


Headlne says click for tweets, article says… Charge users for extra content. Very clickbaity verge. I dont have a problem with subscriptions, and in this case no different from subscribing to patreon to get subscriber-only content.

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