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Upmasked has come up with an innovative SMS verification tool that provides you the privacy you deserve. Get access to free disposable SMS numbers online.

Found it via this project. Probably not so good to use with banking services, but otherwise could be useful.


i’ve been using upmasked for some time, but unfortunately lately most of their numbers no longer work when trying to verify/sign up for something because they were probably used many many times and as a result have been flagged by major companies such as ggl or fb, at least in my experience, still works perfectly fine for smaller things tho…

btw i think the dev of the project is a lemmy user :)


I like the idea, I loathe giving my number to websites. However a lot of sites will use these numbers to then allow password resets which is a serious security concern. People could just request a number from upmasked, then go to popular services and try to reset any account associated with that number.

Many services won’t allow a reset with just the number, but some will, and it is often unclear when you are offering up a number and you don’t know that these services won’t change their policies in the future.

TL;DR I wouldn’t use this for any accounts I care about.


use email instead phone numbers


The problem with this is that a lot of times these fake numbers can be used to reset your password, and because they’re public and free, it’s possible that you could just lose all access to your accounts if the attacker gets lucky.

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