Chrome OS devices

I haven’t seen anyone porting to ChromeBooks or the little SFF desktops. Is there anything that makes them not viable in some way or have I just missed them?


It’s mainly not our target really. We focus on mobile devices mainly, with the extra of also trying to support SBC’s and even smart TV’s if it comes to it (we don’t currently have a port for a smart TV but we would accept it if someone makes it). For laptops like ChromeBooks it’s better to get straight up Alpine Linux running on it.

Please do not ask here if we could port your device. We won’t go and buy your device just to do the port. But you can try porting yourself, it is not that hard and we will help you wherever you get stuck in the chat. If that is not an option for you, consider sending a device to a community member who agrees to do the porting for you (check the milestones) or simply add it to the wish list.

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