Though App Privacy information has been added to Gmail, Google has done so server side and has yet to issue an update to the Gmail app. It has been two months since the Gmail app last saw an update. Earlier in February, the Gmail app was displaying warnings about the app being out of date as it has been so long since new security features were added, but Google eliminated that messaging without pushing an update to the app. Apple has been enforcing App Privacy labels since December, and Google has been slow to support the feature. Google said in early January that it would add privacy data to its app catalog “this week or next week,” but by January 20, most apps still had not been updated with the App Privacy. Google has since been adding App Privacy labels to apps like YouTube and some of its smaller apps, but of major apps like Google Search, Google Photos, and Google Maps, Gmail is the first to get the new labeling.


Data linked to you

other data

Wow so cool to know that.


there’s still a bit to go on …


Yeah, but still, I find it dishonest to give a little and hide the rest behind “other data”.


this app contains 1% or less of the following ingredients: motion detection, custom dns calls, …

a few more details:

Data types that meet all of the following criteria are optional to disclose:

The data is not used for tracking purposes, meaning the data is not linked with Third-Party Data for advertising or advertising measurement purposes, or shared with a data broker. For details, see the Tracking section. The data is not used for Third-Party Advertising, your Advertising or Marketing purposes, or for Other Purposes, as those terms are defined in the Tracking section.

Collection of the data occurs only in infrequent cases that are not part of your app’s primary functionality, and which are optional for the user.

The data is provided by the user in your app’s interface, it is clear to the user what data is collected, the user’s name or account name is prominently displayed in the submission form alongside the other data elements being submitted, and the user affirmatively chooses to provide the data for collection each time.

Data types must meet all criteria in order to be considered optional for disclosure. If a data type collected by your app meets some, but not all, of the above criteria, it must be disclosed in App Store Connect.

Examples of data that may not need to be disclosed include data collected in optional feedback forms or customer service requests that are unrelated to the primary purpose of the app and meet the other criteria above.

For the purpose of clarity, data collected on an ongoing basis after an initial request for permission must be disclosed.


If you want them to tell us that they are monitoring our sleep cycles. that’s for sure not gonna happen!


People will download it and click accept on any user agreement policy google prompts anyway !!
they are too big to avoid too big to fail.
nothing more than apple PR those labels!


if history is any guide, you are probably right for a vast majority of users. As for me, someone posted an iOS app recently and one thing I checked first was its privacy label in the app store and decided not to even try it.

If they did have a negative impact on profits, it wouldn’t be surprising to me if goggle and fb team up with lobbyists to make such labels illegal like the meat and agriculture industry lobbies have done with some food packaging labels.


That’s my point, we as privacy conscious people are a minority, not a user base worth worrying about, we have no leverage over the market.


google should never be on same text that privacy



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