So how’s the situation evolving in Texas? How are people racking up 10k in debt over energy? Last I heard (at the beginning of the crisis) there was no power anywhere.

Here in the US, during crises, they will often raise the price of electricity and other utilities. (sUpPlY aNd DeMaNd) The price per kilowatt hour skyrocketed and those who still had electricity had to pay out the ass for it.

I figured it was gonna be something like that but I didn’t want to believe it :(


If you don’t mind a NY Times link I found this one interesting:

Especially for users who gave their banking information and had automatic payments setup things look quite grim.

The 10yr repayment plan is an insane thing to think about in the context of a utility.


We’ll have to see how it shakes out, ppl are just starting to get bills now.


Ooh! Does that include interest?

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