Happy AroSpectrum Awareness Week!

It’s the 8th year for ASAW! It’s time to raise awareness of, and celebrate the Aromantic Spectrum!


Aromantic - Aromanticism is a romantic orientation, which most commonly describes people who experience little to no romantic attraction to others.

From the Aromantic Wiki

Aromantic Spectrum - The aromantic spectrum encompasses people who relate more to aromanticism than to alloromanticism. For example, people on the aromantic spectrum may be disinterested in romantic relationships with anyone, lack romantic attraction, or have a difficult relationship with romance. An aromantic individual may or may not also be on the asexual spectrum.

The aromantic spectrum includes aromantics as well as grey/grayromantics, demiromantics, lithromantics, and others.

Alternatively, people who opt out of the romantic orientation model may refer to themselves as quoiromantic.

Ways you can raise awareness

Educate yourself! Learn more about aromantic identity and types of attraction.

Spread the word! Use hashtag #AroSpecAwarenessWeek or #ASAW2021 and link back to the AUREA website.

Send a letter to your Representative (US)! Posted the link earlier, but help make the Equality Act inclusive for ALL LGBT folks, including aros.

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