Here’s Why PS5 Joysticks Drift (and Why They’ll Only Get Worse)

Why are the PS5’s joysticks drifting? They use the same fallible hardware as most game controllers. Here’s what’s happening inside, and how we could fix it.

Classic planned obsolescence. They were designed to fail.


Yeah, but less than half a year after the PS5 was released? That’s got to be some kind of record. I’m applying Hanlon’s razor to this one.


idk with sony it could just be plain ineptitude. everytime they release a new console some crap like this happens. though in the end, for the end user, it makes no difference whether it was intended or not.


idk with sony it could just be plain ineptitude.

I’m thinking yes. Ever since Sony moved their HQ to California it’s been screw-up after screw-up. Even moreso than, say, the disastrous PS3 launch in 2006. Needless censorship, alienation of the Japanese market and now faulty gamepads.

And just to go a bit off-topic: is it just me or is the PS5’s design just…ugly?


Sony is one of the biggest companies in the world, with a behemoth of a technology division, and is part of a virtual monopoly on living room consoles along with Microsoft and now Nintendo, and you’re telling me they can’t design a joystick right? The fact that something happens every time in no way contradicts the accusation of planned obsolescence. In fact, it supports it.

Hell, there are even off the shelf joysticks that you can just solder onto your PCB that doesn’t have this problem.


along with Microsoft and now Nintendo

Ah yes, the newest competitor in the consoles market, Nintendo.


you’re telling me they can’t design a joystick right?

They can… but why should they? The systems sell, and their blind fanbase doesn’t care. There is no reason for them to do anything unless PS5 sales decline (which won’t happen until we get PS6), because in AAA games industry everything is for profit and nothing else.


The twin-potentiometer design just seems to be the industry standard for some reason. Even crazy expensive controllers like the Xbox Elite controller use it, although that controller at least uses a different homing mechanism.


Not exactly. They clearly weren’t supposed to drift this early. The thing is the hardware they use for consoles these days are damn expensive. If they pick up all the ok to best parts and sell them at a profit they will be around or over 1000$. They must cheap out at parts gamers wouldn’t notice to bring the price down somewhat and sell them at a loss if they want to give people a reason to pick them up over PCs. Consoles lost most things that made them special. They are no longer plug and play, hardware is no longer unique and offline multiplayer is mostly dead. All that is left is cheaper price and artificial value added by exclusives. At this point consoles are a relic, you can’t have them with all their benefits and modern chips. It’s one or the other, because of that it’s the old consoles that are still worth playing, while systems like PS4 bring nothing to the table besides frustration with their annoying and really long updates and same looking games.

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