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Fucking great news !

I like using NewPipe to watch PeerTube. but had to add the instances and check them one by one! a global search engine will make it a ton better! I hope they will carry on supporting PeerTube.

I saw that this was added, but does anyone know how exactly to use it in the app? I was on one instance and searched for a video on another but it didn’t pop up so I’m sorta confused


Use the menu of the search bar (the three dots) when searching videos using peertube instances

Awesome, thanks for the help!

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is this only for peertube or it also works on youtube?


Sepia Search is only for PeerTube. It delivers aggregate search results across many PeerTube instances, and is also available as a website here:

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Ohhh i thouht it was a theme.

NewPipe is primarily an open-source Youtube client (and possibly the greatest Youtube client), but it also supports Soundcloud, PeerTube, and

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Yesi know i wanted to know if this was possible on youtube on newpipe.

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