Personally, it started when I was a kiddo. I guess I took that interest from my dad since he was a programmer at the time. not that original. I imagine that some of you have more interesting stories about this subject. ^^


When I was like 14 I wanted to start developing some games: I had gameplay ideas and wanted to see if I could realize them (retrospectively way too much work for a beginner). In the end I did not complete any games, but instead I learned some basics in Python :D


Uncompleted projects are always the best teachers. :smiling face:


I’m not a programmer, but I used to be a lowly hobbyist web designer. I wanted to run a video game message board, so I learned web design. My skills lie in organization, attention to detail, and understanding the consumer/viewer experience and their needs. I’m also pretty creative and have decent artistic skills.

I’m not super good at sticking with any one thing though, so after maybe four years I stopped and moved on. Good times though ^^


Had a math teacher that let us use our TI-83 calculators to make programs to program in the equations for our tests, as long as we showed her. Then we got enthusiastic and starting making a bunch of games and sharing them around. It was a variant of basic I think, but it was fun making text and little graphics adventure games.


Not really a programmer but I find it useful from day to day. I picked up coding in collage when I had to take a VB6/.net class. before that I was mostly hacking together shell scripts but not really writing my own code for anything until that class.

Come to find out after that, my dad had learned Basic back in the day and had a bunch of learning material for our old Apple II Gs but never shared any of that with us kids… Thanks Dad.


Maybe he thought that it was a bit too complicated for kids :/


Nah, was more like the computer was his toy and the kids playing on it could mean that we broke his toy… Jokes on him I work in IT now.

Still wish I had the old II Gs though. Going to have to pick one of them up off ebay some day… they are not too expensive for a vintage computer.


I started in my second semester of physics. I used linux since i was ~12, since i couldnt afford windows, but never got into coding/scripting. I was pretty much a casual linux user from 2010-2017. I did a C/C++ beginner course with some friends and i had a lot of fun. The following semesters i did a lot of advanced courses and learned the command line. Now im about to begin my computational science M.Sc.


About 5 years ago I was working for a chemical manufacturer as a lab tech making under $20/hr and with no real prospects for increasing my wage or finding a better position. So while telling this to my mom she mentioned a coding boot camp that opened up back in my hometown. Pretty much applied, got in, and moved home to do it and stayed with family until I could find a job.

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