Since many don’t realise how hard it can be to play, this is a great comparison and I think has helped people realise the struggle


Among Us is so hard for colorblind folk. I don’t know why they don’t add some sparkly text or something to differentiate the colors too.


I appreciate that they added symbols to the wiring task, but when you’re in a lobby and someone says “Lime is sus”

Who the f- is lime?!

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This is a community to share your experiences and anecdotes with colourblindness, and how it affects your life.

This community is to offer resources for both colourblind and people with normal vision for better awareness and understanding of this condition. We have custom flair available above to signal what type of colourblindness you have or if you have “Normal Vision” too!

Unsure if you are colourblind or not? There are various tests on the internet, but note that they are not always accurate, and your computer monitor might display colours incorrectly, giving incorrect results.

Here are a few web-based tests





https://www.colorlitelens.com/mosaic-test.html / https://www.colorlitelens.com/tritan-color-blind-test

The best way to find out if you are colourblind is to go to your optometrist and ask for a printed Ishihara Colour Vision Deficiency test.

Color blindness/Colourblindness can be spelt however you like as long as the point gets across. For clarity, if you mean “being able to see no colour at all” please point that out clearly or use “total color blindness”.


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