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Lab-grown food is about to destroy farming – and save the planet | George Monbiot

Scientists are replacing crops and livestock with food made in factories from microbes and water. It may save humanity’s bacon, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

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good to know


Oh boy, the idea of lab-grown industrial “meat” monopoly just gives me chills…

Dust balls mentioned… erosion mentioned… OK, so how about we ditch all these monocultures that provide shitty diabetic carbs and oxidizing omega-6-overloaded “vegetable” oils (more like industrial seed oils) and let ruminants to roam the grasslands and produce highly nutritious meat from inedible (for us) cellulose, instead of destroying topsoil which makes all these agricultural lands to dust, also reducing topsoil water capacity (and water vapor is most potent greenhouse gas!), and suffocating fish in soil polluted waters! And there’s also herbicides/pesticides/fossil fuel fertilizers!

Only small (and reducing, as we are destroying topsoil with agriculture for the ~10 thousand years) part of land can be arable, meanwhile ruminants can graze grass on more abundant thin topsoil lands. Like, you know, for million of years? Like all these huge herds of bison that roamed before newcomers killed them all? By the way, much more methane (which anyway gets oxidized and returns back to the plant matter) is produced by wetlands and termites, so blaming poor cows for climate issues is just ludicrous!

Yes, factory farming is bad, and feeding cows corn/grains is also unnatural and unhealthy for them. Thanks to Fiat Standard (subsidies, i.e. money from thin air) we have cheap corn/grains to push into cows throat and make them fatter faster… But cows can just grown on grass/hay, and even without drying water tables because, you known, RAIN (as opposed to irrigating agricultural fields using fresh water from aquifiers).

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpTHi7O66pI


also: Vegetarian Myth book.

also: https://www.peak-human.com/ podcast.

Damn this nonsense makes my blood boil!


The article clearly doesn’t talk about replacing animal husbandry with plant agriculture, I have no idea why did you make that your talking point, your comment is all over the place. It’s about bacteria-based nutritious powder that can be “brewed” in large vats. Any kind of monopoly in this field is literally nowhere in sight. The article clearly talks about the problems with large scale plant agriculture, from irrigation to soil exploitation, and suggests a possibility of replacing it with this new bacteria-based food source and talks about its likely efficiencies.

Having said that, yes, agriculture, both plants and animals, can be bad for the environment, particularly in isolation of each other. There’s a reason manure is a great fertilizer. I just feel like you’re replying to a different topic.


your comment is all over the place

Yeah, sorry, but this was a rant :) .


This flour is not yet licensed for sale.

So… patents’n’stuff?

In their raw state, they can replace the fillers now used in thousands of food products

Yet another filler to change other fillers. Better to avoid any process industrial garbage they call food and stick to the whole foods we ate millions of years before neolithic revolution.

When the bacteria are modified they will create the specific proteins needed for lab-grown meat, milk and eggs.

This is precursor to the “impossible meat”, etc.


    O clima mudou,e como a vida humana entrou numa nova era,de inseguranças e medos.Aqui não é lugar para pensar o clima,é para as mudanças climáticas que já vivemos!

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