I played the game and these are my thoughts.

Story is fantastic… For like 7 characters, the other ones are not that relevant.

Music 10 out of 10.

Graphics amazing, yeah, play your games with scalines or CRT effects if you’re using emulators.

And then the gameplay is like 3.5 out of 10, for many many reasons.

First, the game isn’t hard but they force you to overgrind. Since the game introduces so many characters and it wants to give all of them espers (what gives most of them magic) you have to grind each of the 14 characters. You get some of them very late and that’s something…

Well after that you’ll realize that most of the magic is useless, it doesn’t affect the bosses and the normal enemies die faster with normal attacks or the elemental magic.

The combat system is boring and frustrating, and that’s surprising considering that the game is easy. Some fights can last up to 1.5 minutes, and that doesn’t look like much, but then you find the worst thing about the game.

The random encounter enemy rate is ridiculously high, like mercilessly high, sometimes after ending a battle you will encounter an enemy after TWO steps.

You cannot disable the random enemy encounter till the end of the game when you obtain molulus charm.

And therefore if you want to explore throughout the game, it’s gonna be hell.

I wanted to play other final fantasy games, after finishing this one i decided to play star ocean for the snes and breath of fire, and God that’s an improvement.


I love FF6, but it does fall apart a bit in the late game especially and as it is it’s probably not worth playing more than once. I really, really recommend playing the Brave New World patch of the SNES version. This mod, in my opinion, fixes pretty much every game-play weakness of the original. Notably, each character remains uniquely useful and there is no need to grind at any point. The battles are not unfair, but you can’t sleepwalk through them anymore.

From their Beginner FAQ:

How is BNW different from Vanilla?

The biggest difference is that the characters are more individualized. Espers are now restricted by character, so everyone has their own spell list and access to specific stat boosts which allow them to be built in a number of different ways. Every major bug (i.e. the evasion bug, sketch, vanish/doom) has been fixed as well as most of the minor ones, and every mechanical aspect of the game (i.e. all enemy scripts, damage formulas, etc) has been addressed while largely retaining the look and feel of the original.

Nothing has gone untouched. Things that weren’t useful before now serve at least some purpose. Brave New World operates by a different set of rules than the original game and should be treated as a completely new one. While it looks the same and feels similar, it is very different under the hood.

On a related note, I have enjoyed the Worlds Collide open world randomizer quite a bit as well. Check that out if randomizers are your thing.


Actually, World of Ruin was exactly the breaking point to me, it was when everything began to fall apart, before that since the map was not that open and the enemies were simpler, i didn’t notice how annoying most of things were.

I finished the game using stop and smoke bomb because of how annoying the last enemies were, i assume that’s gonna be nerfed, but if the gameplay is fun then is a welcomed change. Thanks for the recommendation, i will try it.


Underrated masterpiece.


At first i thought that, but i wouldn’t call a masterpiece a game that i wouldn’t play again.


You also had to have played it when you were like 10 years old like I did. :p


Haha fair enough xD.


And FF VII, VIII and IX are no different in that aspect, yet they’re all called masterpieces specially VII. All three of them aged much, much worse than VI too.


I think Final Fantasy VI has some pretty cheesy and dated cutscenes, dialogue, and pacing. It kinda just did whatever it felt like doing at the time instead of having a structure. I know a lot of classic Final Fantasy games did that, but it really stood out more to me in VI because of its darker tone naturally making you care more about what was going on-- and therefore making you impatient when it was interrupting your questions with random nonsense.


I actually like that part from old games; modern games are predictable because writers follow certain rules regarding narrative, meanwhile you never know what’s gonna happen if you play an old Dragon Quest or Breath of Fire, the game that i’m currently playing.

Some scenes that i’ve seen in the game are so funny and unpredictable, i liked FFVI narrative and plot.

My problems with the game are gameplay wise, if 90% of the time is gameplay, and you hate it, regardless of the story you will not have a very good time


Most games follow rules for good reasons. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with the story, but I’m bombarded with four irrelevant or cartoony things in a row when the tone hasn’t earned it. Final Fantasy VII wasn’t perfect but at least it knew how to set a tone and momentum before throwing you into silly, cuttable minigames.

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