My god. Maria Grazia Chiuri really came in here and said “we are going to destroy Dolce & Gabbana at their own game. Bottega Veneta? Bottega who?”

As actual Tarot symbolism the film is only successful in the synthesis of the femme and masc selves of the protagonist, and doesn’t do much with any of the other energies. Pairing the fool and justice seemed strange to me. But the dresses! The cosmetics! The architecture! The lighting!!

Excuse me, I’m going to be spending the day sulking that there is no place for this energy in my life.


although i love the idea of a tarot inspired collection and love the renaissance nods, i dislike most of the looks. there’s nothing really exciting about them. tarot as a source would allow one to be very imaginative but i don’t see that here. there are some beautiful pieces but others are incoherent


they definitely could be bolder, for sure. I think I’m mostly psyched because they’re doing a renaissancey blend with your standard contemporary Couture Gown… but it doesn’t end up looking like Khaleesi’s Going Out Top. maybe my standard is too low?

I liked the energy of this one for reasons I can’t verbalize:

And I both liked the Pietro Ruffo images and am a sucker for a good custom textile, so these worked for me:

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