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“rather be”

As if being a Nazi were a “valid choice” and this was all just a “preference” of some sort.

scratch a liberal…

Amazing how people actually believe that “tankie” is a real thing.

Is this a USAmerican McCarthyite phenomenon? Or does Europe see Anarchists like this too?

Dont know, I dont know any Anarchists irl. My guess is that its more of an online phenomenon. And the attitude in Europe is likely very different between the richer countries in the north/west, and poorer countries in the south.

What’s a tankie?

It’s what some people like to call people who ‘like’ Stalin, Mao, DPRK, question the “Holodomor” etc. The name stems from when the Soviet Union sent tanks into Hungary when there was unrest, or a “revolution” as western media framed it. Some other people on Lemmygrad might have a better understanding of that time in Hungary.


What you said is correct, but I’ll add that the “unrest” was from US supported/agitated anti-communists who wanted to ‘liberate’ Hungary from the USSR and introduce ‘American styled democracy’. Many of these people came from post-war Nazi holdouts, and had been in direct contact with the CIA and ‘Radio Free Europe’.

Or to sum, the NKVD were called in with Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) to put down a potential Fascist revolution in the Hungarian SR, and England’s left saw this and used it against the Marxist-Leninists in their organizations, which eventually got exported to the US and the rest of Europe. “Tankie” is entirely just a term that was created by a sectarian misunderstanding of the actual events in Hungary, and really isn’t as powerful a term as the lib-left like to think it is. Literally, all they’re saying is that it’s wrong for us to support using the power of the state to put down counter-revolutions.

Documenting the bullshit that neofascists say and do. Mostly stupid shit.

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