RANT: Zoom's Linux client is annoying AF

I just got rid of my last Windows computer and switched to Linux full time. I’m forced to use Zoom to attend online lectures at my university and WOW is the Linux client for Zoom terrible compared to Windows. For one, it doesn’t have an option to have the gallery view above the screen share view, only beside it, which wastes screen space. It also forces itself into full screen mode whenever someone starts sharing their screen, AND when I switch it back to windowed mode, it’s not maximized even when it was before. It also launches a blank “join a meeting” window alongside the active meeting every time I click on a meeting from Canvas (my University’s course management system) or switch into a breakout group. Finally, for some reason it forcibly disables KDE’s power management modes whenever it’s active.

Screw you Zoom. Fix your shitty software on Linux!


I agree it is incredibly annoying. That mixed with linux’s awful bluetooth headphones support pretty much make me want to use it on mobile alone.

jacques malchance

I use the Linux Zoom client as a teacher 35 hours a week. It is quite annoying. There are options to turn off the full screen mode when someone shares their screen. What distro are you on? I install directly from the website. My complaint is that it sometimes crashes when I am moving around breakout rooms which can be awkward if students are looking for me. Zoom in general is bad when it comes to screen real estate! Horrible even!


You use the client? I just use the browser.


Luckily I don’t have to use zoom often, and use jitsi instead.

Does zoom not have a web client?


deleted by creator

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