This is really fun! And it seems to quickly turn into impromptu rp sessions

Edit: it really depends on the time of day on where it got linked I guess. I joined a few minutes ago and was immediately greeted with some white supremacist and homophobic rhetoric :(


while the idea is cool, like any unmoderated place on the internet, facists swarm in.

there used to be a site where you could vent and the words would fall away as you typed but last i checked it didn’t exist anymore


The sole fact that it uses Google reCAPTCHA makes it less anonymous.


it’s pseudo-anonymous.
anonymous mainly to other users.
don’t confess your crimes there. lol


Very interesting, a lot of gme stock and follow wall street bets at the moment. Definitely anything but fascist swarm

Weird Corners of the Internet

    SFW weird corners of the internet. See something amusingly specific? Could belong here. Remember the odd pages you’d come across on StumbleUpon? We can live those days again…

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    note from kixiQu: I post a good amount of things from href.cool and marijn’s linkroll into this sub because I think they have a lot of fabulous examples. if anyone gets tired of it, DM me.

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