The complete list of alternatives to all Google products

With growing concerns over online privacy and securing personal data, more people than ever are considering alternatives to Google products. After all, Google’s business model essentially revolves…


Google Authenticator alternatives

Aegis is missing from this list and imo it’s the best OTP app on android. the list is also missing Tofu on iOS

when it comes to email, has anyone here used CTemplar?

I use CTemplar, it’s my account for useless websites and it works fine. A big con is that sometimes it feels very slow, not sure if it’s the encryption process taking time or what, but it isn’t snappy.

I’m familiar with all of them, but the search alternatives are mostly new to me. Interesting that no Bing and no Yandex being recommended, while not being privacy-friendly, they could also be added (they have Mega in there so…)


Anyone aware of a good article comparing different search engines? I’m looking for more in-depth analysis, including where the results come from (Google, Bing, crawler), how they are financed, etc. Some of these claim stuff I can’t easily verify and I was wondering whether anyone did that job for me already.


Whoogle search is also a worthy self-hosted Google meta-search engine that should have made the list.

From the YT alternatives, NodeTube appears to be inexplicably missing :-).

From Hangouts alternatives, I would have mentioned both Tox, and GNU/Jami.

Other than than, I have noticed that Soverin doesn’t really like to use ‘encryption’, or ‘encrypted’ as a term anywhere on their website, they simply talk vaguely about being SSL/TSL connected.

Haven’t heard about Cryptee before, but this looks interesting.


There are many sites with alternatives out there, one of my favourites was called but seems to have changed to

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