What are your favorite podcasts?

Hey, just wanted to ask what your favorite podcasts are. I’ll list a few of mine below.

  • Ashes Ashes - A podcast about the systemic issues that society is facing now and has to solve to survive
  • Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t - Lowbrow botany, phylogenetics, systematics and the hunt for the filthiest public bathroom in Alta California
  • Fight Like An Animal - The attempt of a synthesis of behavioral science and political theory without racist and sexist bullshit. I recommend starting from the first epsiode
  • In Defense Of Plants - Interviews with plant scientists about everything concerning, well, plants
  • History of Pholosophy Without Any Gaps - Philosophy professor goes chronologically from the early beginnings of philosophy up to today! Extremely thorough and interesting
acidwash jeans

My sister turned me on to Black Box Down, which I quite like – it’s about plane crashes.


This reminds me of the “plane crash corner” from the Hello Internet podcast. Gonna listen to an episode when i have the time.

Ooh, I’m gonna have to see what this “Hello Internet” thing is!

i quite like srsly wrong, they kind of cover a range of things along the lines of ecosocialism/communalism/social ecology, plus a bit of sketch comedy in the mix. the comedy isn’t mean-spirited and i find their voices quite gentle and comforting. they have had some good guests on too.

live like the world is dying is great too, mostly interview-based, talking about things like community preparedness for crises, security culture, outdoors skills, etc. some of it can be a bit usa-centric but it’s still an interesting listen. i find margaret very likable and considerate as a host.

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