What do you think of the show Futurama?

It’s my “guilty pleasure” show to watch whenever I’m bored, and I’m curious what people here think of it. Especially, what do other leftists think of it? To me it doesn’t feel leftist at all, but occasionally you’ll get some based stuff in the /r/futurama subreddit, which makes me think that at least some leftists watch it?

I like it. I don’t think it’s particularly leftist but just like the simpsons it’s there every once in a while but there’s also some chuddy jokes as well so I guess it’s a mixed bag. Overall though its one of my favorite cartoons.

It wasn’t long ago, but when it came out the last thing people thought of it were politics.

They’d make fun of Trump a lot if it was still running, but just because there’s a lot of room to make jokes; Biden not so much.

I really like it – I haven’t thought of it in terms of politics, but it’s very enjoyable. I haven’t watched it really since college though … my room-mate had all the DVDs so that’s where we really watched it.


I like it

I like the show a lot, I think the show have its setting in the future has them do lots of political jokes.


I think it’s just like a lot of other comedies. Sometimes they make stories with a somewhat political feeling about it but most of the time it’s not overt at all, to say the least. I still enjoyed watching it though. Haven’t rewatched it since however.


I really enjoyed it.


I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons, but after that it got kinda eh for me.

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