42 años

I am so sick of having this conversation. When will they get it through their thick, underdeveloped skulls that what they call encryption back-doors are actually straight-up critical security flaws? If congressman X can have access, so can shady individual Y.

2 años

How can a skull be both thick and underdeveloped? 😉

People need to actually make the argument that having secure, private communications is worth more than making the jobs of law enforcement easier. You can’t do both with regard to encrypted communications. Those are not reconcilable things as far as I can tell.

22 años

The first three have something in common. They promote privacy and security using FLOSS clients and propietary serve side.

I don’t know about the last one.

12 años

ProtonMail will shut down your account if you use it on deepweb markets.

12 años

yeah I agree… but since is a good call we can all agree, I think is good… the opening the source code of their servers is something we can fight in another side.

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