Humanitarian organisations estimate one person dying of hunger every four seconds - World
News and Press Release in English on World and 3 other countries about Food and Nutrition; published on 20 Sep 2022 by Action Against Hunger, CARE and 7count other organizations

We need a Victims of Capitalism foundation.

Ranting over wasted resources, hypocrisy and double moral

There is something I don’t get at all and that also annoys me a lot.

Like a month ago a homeless person in my village took a food can in a local supermarket and some people started to scream at him for it.

The other day, I saw, like in any other recurrent day, people presuming of the last computer setup they did and how wasting more than 600€ or even 280€ in a graphics card, makes it cheap for gaming purposes.

Of course, some of them were likely validating each other and giving justification why they didn’t get the last or similar, like if this was some kind of society requirement.

Sometimes, I see certain people promoting accelerationist practices in software by deprecating support for certain working hardware and even promoting the last version because some wished feature which is not needed. Breaking compatibility with current systems and increasing the time involved to reach it which most times is not assumable in resources waster for it.

For the first case, no people offered him to pay the can, even when they could at minimum, or put in their place for a moment. In fact, most of them were even buying commodity food.

For the second case, some of them are the very same people who ask later for donations and/or which are not willing to give a cent to help a certain person in need to have a computer to study or work as they consider they matter more than the rest and which they justify as a “need”.

For the third thing, these developers are not going to help or support you in the migrations if you are in need. At most, they will reply with a wontfix while telling indirectly that is your fault.

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