Open source music tools can make it easy to create a music production studio on a $0 budget. Learn how to start making music with free music production software with this comprehensive roundup of tools and technologies

Here’s a helpful list of free and open-source tools for producing music. It’s got everything from DAW’s to samplers, synths and more.


A lot of it is not up to date, but it’s a nice list anyway. Thanks


Yeah agreed, there is some out-dated stuff in there but it is still a nice starting point when researching how to build a FOSS studio. Are there any lists that are more modern?

Music and audio production

    Need a tip or want to show off your latest music production?

    It’s here. Free software will be preferred but all are welcome. Don’t just post links without explanations, we expect you to comment your post or it will be moderated. If you ask something, be as precise as possible, provide context. And now, let’s talk audio!

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