Facebook Could Take A Multibillion Revenue Hit From Apple’s IDFA Changes | AdExchanger

Apple’s upcoming IDFA changes could have a significant impact on Facebook’s revenue – as much as 7% of total revenue in Q2, according to Eric Seufert.

“CPMs on Audience Network would go down by 50% without the ability to run personalized advertising”


So, I was just reading up on Salvador Dali. He has been quoted as saying “Let my enemies devour each other”. I didn’t know that!

Oh yeah, too bad about Facebook. My heart weeps, etc., etc.


I wonder if web companies like Facebook and others who made their money on data and adverts will even fall with the gradual implementation of better privacy rules/laws. I suppose they’ve probably diversified their revenue to keep some money coming even with no ads but that would definitely change their primary business model. Will one day people have to pay to get a Facebook account? Could be were we are heading in the future, after all that’s in a way how the fediverse is run sometimes.


From an advertiser’s point of view, the question is “where to spend money to get the best return”. If Facebook has to deal with better privacy rules/laws, then all of Facebook competitors are in the same boat. So for the advertisers things like familiarity with the platform, pricing or reach will still matter. It makes me think that advertisers will keep spending money with Facebook, because it will still be a way to get a lot of people to see ads and click on them.


Yes you are probably corect6but will it still be.as lucrative in the future? Maybe we will just start seeing FB stop expanding without limits or see them going into different additional revenue streams like Google. After all Google is still based on their Ads business but they also sell other products.

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