Future of Bibliogram
Instagram has started applying extremely restrictive limits to requests from IPs that are detected as cloud servers.

A couple of requests will go through at first, but after a moment, all requests will be blocked, with a very long timer until they are unblocked again. After this timer, you get a couple more requests, and the cycle repeats.

Since websites must be hosted in the cloud, Bibliogram as a public service is extremely difficult if the cloud provider is on Instagram's block list. All the cloud providers I've tried are on that list.

Is the spam bot reason acceptable anymore? Or, they just don’t want anyone get in the way of tracking users?


Ow, disappointed but not surprised, they want us to use their official apps/webs


This blocking behavior also applies to my home IP. I have a service that scrapes 10 pages per day to make RSS feeds, and it’s constantly getting blocked.

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