I own a Velka 7 case. I have heard that the 3 is similar. Build quality is mostly very nice, but the paint scratches and comes off around the screws. I’m currently running a 2.1 slot 280mm GPU along with two 2.5in SSDs. That is really nice to have in such a small case, but it does come with its drawbacks.

Most notably, the case is very difficult to build in. The front panel must come off first, with 4 screws. It takes 12 screws to remove the side panels. The system needs almost a complete disassembly to remove the GPU.

If anyone has questions I am happy to answer.


Spendy little mITX cases, but I love the look of them.

They also make Velka 5 and 7 cases, which are still mITX, but have a little more space to work with (and have a larger video card). Here’s a build video with a Velka 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEhfGz9Kzs4

And their website: https://www.velkase.com/products

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