whalers on the moon, whalers on the moon but there aint no whales so we tell tall tales and sing our whaling tune


IMO still too optimistic. It’ll be an endless stretch of billboards like:


For just 3* extra yrs of indentured servitude, we will contribute 10,000 MuskBucks TM to your medical procedure of choice!!

* or 6 outside the lithium mines

I do not see the moon being colonized before the fall of capitalism tbh


I don’t see the moon being colonised ever. There isn’t much habitability there.

Well, obviously you wouldn’t have open fields and wooden houses and things like that; the most likely method of colonization would be vacuum-sealed settlements, possibly even whole cities, although they’d be nothing like the cities you or I know. Of course there’s also the problem of severe radiation from the lack of atmosphere on the moon, so another likely option would be to build subterranean settlements under the moon’s surface.

Also, from my understanding we could’ve had a moon colony decades ago if it were not for capitalism.

Good memes, bad memes, unite towards a united front.

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