I am tired of debates

Hello, when I am writing this I don’t know in which community I will be posting this, but I would like to get some feedback about that.

To state my ideas upfront I consider myself as an eco-anarchist and antifa, I want to promote transparency, privacy and open-source to maximize freedom.

I write this post because, as you seen in the title, I am bored of debating my positions, but also because I start to loose hope, I want the best for the world but I feel like nobody even care about those stuff, that I’m just a ‘fucking marxist afraid of progress’.

There is so much things based on fake facts in politics, this is tiring me down. What ever you look into, crap facts are going to come up. I don’t want to fall into the common trap of “{what ever thing} is really EVIL”. But at the same time, the debates of today are so polarized that I feel like I don’t have the choice, saying, “I think that because I think it’s good” has absolutely no weight in a debate.

I am getting bored of all of this, too much talking, too little action. This is really something that is making me sad and depressed.

Do you feel the same way?

TL;DR, I cannot find good facts to justify ‘leftism’ and other ideas like free software, I feel like right wing just have no moral though, but am I just too irrational?

Remember that you don’t have to engage. You can just not debate people and do other stuff. Block people online and avoid people in real life that don’t accept your decision


I mean, I don’t want to be closed-minded you know. I don’t know why, but when I see a comment I disagree with (even hostile comments), I feel an irrational need to debate with to understand the idea.

You’re probably right though, but I am an eternal indecisive.


a lot of people deal with this and it can be very hard to walk away but it does get easier with practice


Debates are useless. You shouldn’t feel bad for not wanting to engage in them.

The purpose of a debate isn’t to discover truth. They’re an exercise in public humiliation and power.

Right-wingers love debate because they’re not interested in testing theories and discovering what is true. They’re interested in power.

Liberals love platforming fascists because they honestly believe that the world is fair, law equals morality, and the truth will come out in debate. They’ll make statements like “I may not like what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it!” while beaming with pride - usually while platforming a white supremacist, misogynist, homophobe, or similar bigot in a position of power punching down against a powerless minority.

You can be well-read on a topic, and have facts and moral reasoning on your side. But that won’t mean anything if you’re not good at public speaking, or debating someone who isn’t interested in the truth, only leading you into exhaustion with circular reasoning and an endless stream of gotcha questions.

You can know nothing about a topic and learn all the tricks and “skills” of debating and appear to come off as intelligent and the “winner” of a debate while not really leading to any kind of actual insight.

Don’t debate. Organize. Punch Nazis.


Yes I am reading the “Antifa handbook” and he talks about that in the book. I don’t know if it’s possible to respect both anti-hate-speech laws and freedom of speech laws at the same time. Sometimes by trying to respect freedom of speech, you’re breaking others laws.


anyone who calls an anarchist a “fucking marxist” is not worth debating in the first place because they clearly have no clue what words mean.

i think it may help you to try a few things.

  1. walk away from “debates” that are just arguments
  2. try to keep a bit of emotional detachment during debates by turning the person’s argument around on them. you can do this by posing questions which will lead them to your point. be careful not to use this often on people you are close to though, there is a reason people hated talking with socrates
  3. instead of debates, have conversations. debating can be a great tool but you talk of wanting more action. you can get regular people to better understand ideas by explaining them simply, in a way that is relatable to them. and it becomes easier for you to help if you find out from them what they need.

I feel like that many a times. Lot of comments below are helpful and have worked for me.


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    1. Be civil and respectful
    2. Don’t be a nazi
    3. Respect other opinions (not nazis though); argue about the point and not the person
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