Federating with lotide?

Would it be impossible to federate with similar projects like lotide? I know mastodon federates with a bunch of different activitypub microblogging projects.


Do you know what the status of their federation is? It looks like their instances narwhal.city and dev.narwhal.city are federating, but I dont see any info if that is already stable, and compliant wit the ActivityPub standard. In our case, we are working on becoming standard compliant, and will probably finish that within a month or so (see issue #1220](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1220).

On another note, I saw a bunch of posts on their site from dev.goldandblack.xyz which seems to be an anarcho-capitalist instance. I’m not sure if that is linked to the lotide developers or not, but its very contrary to the Lemmy userbase which seems mostly anti-capitalist.


That would be really cool.

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