I hope this is appropriate here: I just want to rant about how terrible PayPal’s service is. I’m in Canada and had linked a Canadian credit card.

I made a PayPal account about two weeks ago because a company I’m buying from only accepts PalPal or bank transfer, but the bank transfer is in Euros and I don’t have a Euro account. I naively thought that the transaction would go through no problem, guess that was my fault.

Well, as soon as I linked my credit card, PayPal locked my account (no transfers allowed in or out) and told me that there was a problem with my credit card and that I needed to verify that the credit was mine, which I did, and it told me to upload a picture of my ID, which I very begrudgingly did after several days. Then, today, it straight up told me that my account was permanently banned because “We noticed activity in your account that’s inconsistent with our User Agreement and we no longer offer you PayPal services,” which is a load of crap because I hadn’t even done anything with my account yet! I couldn’t because it was locked from the moment I added a payment method! It also says I can’t use that particular credit card with a PayPal account ever again, and it’s my only credit card, which is just swell!

Then I endure automated phone customer service hell and get connected with a representative. I describe my problem, and even after escalating my case, they just tell me to make another account because my current one can’t be unlocked, and (I bet this wasn’t in the script) the person helping me straight up tells me to use another payment platform like Vennmo, which is hilarious! They also refuse to tell me why my account was banned for “security reasons”.

The company I’m using is a package forwarding service in Germany, and the package has already been delivered to them so I have to pay them. I plan on using my dad’s PayPal account but I’m worried I’ll get his account banned to.

What a joke. Fuck PayPal. If you run a business, do not use this company for payment. Just accept credit cards directly or use a better payment platform. If I can at all help it, I’m never paying someone with PayPal again. Sending them gold doubloons by carrier pigeon is less frustrating.

6/10, not a bad rant but overall there is a lack of exclamation marks, random capitalisation and creative insults.


Should I also add some Emoji?


hopefully the business you’re trying to buy from begins to accept uncensorable cryptocurrencies. Preferably a robust privacy coin such as Monero. Also the DPRK is mining Monero due to its sanctions-evasion capabilities

Cryptocurrencies are problematic because of the crypto-to-fiat exchange rate fluctuations, and also transaction fees.

pretty sure this whole thread is about how fiat is also problematic, lol. it’s about trade-offs. pick the least-bad thing


Worst part is in situations like this customer support never responds fast enough.

Edit: Wow so the customer support was absolutely useless too. Completely Kafka-esque bureaucracy.


I hate those automated voice recognition phone directories. Stop making me guess how you want it worded!

There’s a rumor that if you swear at those voice recognition systems, it will transfer you to a human, but I’ve never gotten it to work.

Honestly for an online system like this I can accept that mistakes happen but the degree to which customer support not only wastes large portions of your time, but also is dead useless is something that only late stage capitalism is capable.of for multibillion dollar corporations like this.

One time I had to make an emergency reservation for some relatives so I went to AirBnB. As much as I hate gentrifying corporations, I wasn’t aware of other options. They asked for my ID so I uploaded a scanned copy of my passport. They ask you to take a picture of yourself with their app to verify that you’re the same person whose passport copy has been submitted. I tried taking my picture tens of times but it wouldn’t match because I am guessing the passport picture is a bit old. Now I realised that maybe I should upload a different piece of ID, like my US travel visa which has a more recent photo. But there was no option to change the copy of ID submitted.

I contacted customer support with the hope of either submitting a new ID or having my identity manually verified. I was put in a chat with a human but for some reason she just kinda refused to comprehend my peculiar problem and just kept copy pasting links to articles in their website’s help section, none of which addressed my particular concern. Turns out this human was not an employee of airbnb but a host on the website who had volunteered to do customer support. I have no idea why. In the end, I just stopped bashing my head repeatedly against the wall and made a new email and a new account with it. I used my visa instead of my passport and it worked right away. Meanwhile this makeshift customer support just refused to practice reading comprehension while I repeatedly told her what exactly the problem was and literally the steps that would fix it.

Fuck the early twenty first century.

if you swear at those voice recognition systems, it will transfer you to a human, but I’ve never gotten it to work.

Time to step up your profanity game.


I know the pain, in a previous thread people suggested moving off from Amazon and instead buying from the sites directly, but the problem is these small businesses have PayPal as their only way of payment, which sucks big time. Especially on the niche markets, like audio equipment or custom mechanical keyboards, as most stuff comes from very small companies in China.

It’s a bit weird too, because paying through PayPal often doesn’t require creating an account, but some countries do require it (I’m unaware of the reasons behind this). Also, even if you delete your PayPal account, you won’t be able to use the previously associated card even if you’re paying without an account. I wish all sites supported Stripe, as much of a privacy nightmare it is.

Just accept credit cards directly

From what I’ve heard it’s a clusterfuck upon clusterfucks, mainly because of PCI DSS stuff. But on the business side you have Stripe or your local payment providers (in Poland some businesses actually charge you a fee if you want to pay them by PayPal and not by a local payment provider like PayU/Dotpay)

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