Google Dorks Explained — Google Hacking

In this post, I will explain what google dorks are. I will also provide you with examples of how hackers employ them to access sensitive…

Google can sometimes serve as a tool for hackers to gain sensitive information from the Internet.

I wrote this article to explain how that works, and the best practices we can use to protect against it.


Well done, I wasn’t expecting to read something new but the “ Examples of Google Dorks” section has some novel info like the google hacks database. I personally would cut to the chase quicker (or provide a jump) for risk of losing people in the rehash of search operators. Saving for future reference.

Here is a related article:


Thank you, I am glad you’ve found it informative. I thought I’d list the operators first just in case the reader didn’t know them. This way, everyone would understand the examples section. However, I totally agree with you, there is still a risk of losing people before they could get to the interesting stuffs. I’ll keep this in mind for future posts.

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