After reading this article that was linked on here a few days ago, there was something that occurred to me. The same tactics that are used for advertising here (in the US, probably most of the imperial core but I don’t know enough to say for sure) are used for propaganda. Meanwhile, the people here are probably particularly susceptible to these sorts of tactics, what with being taught basically our entire lives not to think critically or ask questions. Which I think might be contributing to the success of the US’s propaganda in the US, vs, for example, China’s propaganda in the US. I don’t know, maybe this is obvious to everyone else, I’m tired. And I know I didn’t articulate this very well. I’m going to bed.

Advertising departments used to be literally called propaganda departments


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I’d like to suggest Parenti’s Inventing Reality as an alternative to Manufacturing Consent. It also gets into media as basically controlled by advertising since they pay for it. The programs - news or fiction or whatever are just the lures to draw us in to see ads. It was written a year before Manufacturing Consent, and was written by someone that is not a left anti-communist. Same general sort of message and information, very well researched and sourced.

China’s propaganda in the US

I don’t think we can qualify the success or failure of this without knowing whether and how much China is investing resources into something like this. They have a strict policy of non-interference in the internal matters of other nations which makes ultras very mad.

Edit: Actually I think simple things like the CGTN YouTube channel qualify for this too. Regardless I don’t think they pour that much resources into it.

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