Pro-Trump mob storms Capitol in day of violence, disrupting electoral count.

After a joint session of Congress was suspended, the House returned to its chamber to debate challenges to President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s Electoral College win. A pro-Trump mob breached the U.S. Capitol, halting the certification vote.


Just leaving some useful links too for archival purposes: r/DataHoarder did an excellent job at retrieving as much footage as possible. All the stuff is being packed together and being shared via:

  • Mega (OP’s directory) (edit: it has been reported and removed by Mega)
  • torrent (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:c91aa813f2ad2d982e0d760bfce62deefc9d9b5d&dn=Trump%20protest%20Jan%2006%202021&, this is the original comment from the user who packet it. There’s of course already a good number of people seeding it)
  • an opendir (there are several, but this is the most updated one) + another + another archive of the thread and wayback machine archived version


Mirroring a Reddit thread that compiled a list of the acts of violence and calls to violence during the riot:

Original thread:

I’m doing my best to create a list of violence and calls to violence from Trump rioters. Please reply back to this post if you have more violence that needs to be listed. Additionally, any description is helpful.

The beginning of the Trump riot as rioters break through the fence barrier and shove a police officer to the ground.

At 14:50 Trump rioters break through the police barrier.

At 2:19:45 a Trump rioter says "Start making a list. Put all those names down and we start hunting them down one by one. (Inaudible) Every single one of them. Listen. Every news broadcaster, fucking tech giant google”

Trump rioters breaking and entering the building while yelling "Kill’em, Kill’em, Kill’em.”

Rioters attempt to break into the capital chamber floor.

Rioters call for the hanging of Mike Pence.

Rioters refuse to leave premises on grounds of trespassing.

Rioters breaking barricades and shoving police.

Republican Senator Todd Young pleading with rioters to follow the law.

Rioters attempting to smash through doors with stolen barricades before being tear-gassed.

Resistance to the police for trying to contain the riot inside and outside capital hill.

House of representatives forced into recess due to a riot.

Rioters inside the building holding Confederate flags.

A mob of Trump rioters attacking and destroying the camera equipment of media.

Trump rioters shooting people with paintball guns, tackling, punching, beating with batons, firing fireworks.

Rioters erect a cross in Michigan.

Rioters held at gunpoint by the national guard.

Police shoved rioters. Police become aggressive. Rioter shoves back.

Police prevent man from climbing wall. Rioter falls.

US lawmakers evacuated.

Replacing the American flag with the Trump flag.

Trump rioter yells "We will fucking kill you.”

Trump rioter shot for refusing to stop trespassing further. Rioter dies.

Rioters fire fireworks at the police.

Rioters attack police. They hit the police with sticks and bats, throws a sledgehammer at them, throws boxes and tear gas at them too.

Rioters throw tear gas at police.

Police and rioters beat each other and spray each other with pepper spray.

Trump supporters push Fox news anchor which leads to shoving from both sides.

Fights break out between police and rioters in the capital building.

Trump supporter pepper sprays police, no retaliation.

Considering all the attention that this post is receiving, I’d like you to take a look over at r/qanoncasualties and see all those who lost their loved ones to this craziness. But please realize also that there are stories of loved ones realizing the error in their thinking. As difficult as it may sound, we need to be patient with our loved ones and guide them back into reality.

Here’s a link to resources for helping loved ones come back to their senses.

I worry that this was our Reichstag Fire.

At first I was shocked that people were doing this ( I know I shouldn’t have been ) but once I saw the photos of the guy(s?) in full tactical gear with zip ties running around, I legitimately got scared. I think the act of terrorism was destined to fail ; however, the ‘preparedness’ of some of the terrorist was distributing. Coming in full tactical gear with zip ties just screams hostage taking… Like, these guys sat at home and thought, “I should go to the capital and try and kidnap a democratically elected official.” I am not saying I love all of the officials but for people claiming to be patriots they really show a lot of distaste for the process, government they live in. But, if they were rational actors they probably wouldn’t have stormed the capital…


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