Dreeg Ocedam

Good time to take a look at Signal if you haven’t yet. It’s basically What’sApp with a few added features, but Open Source, developed by a non-profit, and with stellar security.

There are also other alternatives (Matrix, XMPP etc…) but they are behind in terms of UX and accessibility for non tech-savyy users.


The other problem is that many won’t read the alert. They’ll just tap on “Agree” without a second thought.

  • Ohh some one send me a text.
  • What is this alert?
  • Some update again, annoying. Taps on “Agree”

Once me and my friends were playing around with a Raspberry Pi, one of them watched a video from a popular video sharing platform and downloaded a software that I never heard of to scan all the IP addresses in my network.

I am one of the few who reads T&C before running anything on my system. And this dude just clicked on “I Agree” while I was reading it. That spyware just insta-installed itself on my system :/

Most likely the privacy-conscious users will start leaving WhatsApp, while those who don’t care just resort to saying “I have nothing to hide”.

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