Made a cup of tea, unpacked, watched TV, made dinner, watched TV.

Basically nothing different from before I moved out.


Honestly can’t remember. Probably had a nice little night in as I didn’t know anybody there yet. I remember the first couple of months being pretty irresponsible regarding my sleeping schedule (like staying up all night playing video games or just not getting up and missing university classes). Honestly, wasn’t that huge of a difference between high-school and university except for the whole food situation. Having to do all your shopping and cooking and managing your monthly budget could lead you down some bad path, especially if you have no money or quickly spend it in ice-cream, take away and the likes. I would definitely reccommending sitting down and having a serious conversation when your kid or younger sibling is leaving the parrents house.

I don’t think I “did” anything special. I remember sitting on the couch my brother gave me b/c I couldn’t afford any furniture (crippling college debt & all ) and thinking deeply about transitions, new chapters, and what I was leaving behind. That first day was probably one of the moments I was most aware of change in my life… later I had a few pints of beer and watched “shaun of the dead”, lol.

Spent all my money on stupid bullshit. Lmao.


Stayed up all night, of course!


Ate Ice cream for dinner


Bought an AR-15


Just wondered


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