Good update on the anti-trust proceedings. I have not previously seen much coverage outside the Texas case posted here previously.

Also, the linked blog post to Google’s defence is interesting and tone deaf/disingenuous (https://blog.google/outreach-initiatives/public-policy/redesigning-search-would-harm-consumers-and-american-businesses)

We know that if you don’t like the results we’re giving you, you have numerous alternatives—including Amazon, Expedia, Tripadvisor and many others just a click away.

To get more specifically to the issues raised in today’s lawsuit: it suggests we shouldn’t have worked to make Search better and that we should, in fact, be less useful to you.

Even as we have added content and features to our search results, the volume of traffic we send to non-Google sites has increased every year since Search was created. Our search results page, which used to show 10 links, now shows an average of 26 outgoing links on mobile devices.

Except that the link they provide doesn’t even address this issue! And the “volume of traffic” is not the interesting metric. If this Volume grows much slower than the total volume of searches in Google, this means that there is a lower portion of Google’s searches that link to non-google owned websites.


it seems like they dgaf — this is my visual impression of silicon valley about now

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