Presenting an Open-Source Mini Demo of This is a great open-source application that replicates much of the functionality of Google Keep, while respecting your privacy, and even allows for self-hosting! Check it out at Created and presented by If you enjoy great edutainment video, but want to view it in a community that respects user privacy and supports creators, visit today! CREDITS - Hex numbers generated at - Icons made by Vignesh Oviyan from - Icons made by Freepik from - Icons made by Smashicons from Screen Saver by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

Thanks to this video on #Peertube, I found out about a Google Keep replacement call tinylist…

No account needed… and the data can even be self hosted (if you like)…


I find these types of apps way to complicated. Something like Improved File manager is just one PHP script, no complications, put in directory, make subdirectories, upload audio, video or any kind of files and write your text. This looks like way too complex application in background that limits human needs, rather than giving the liberty. I am protecting my space with http authentication, very easy thing. I can edit notes from anywhere in the world with simplest not complex application.


Carnet is another alternative to Keep:

Future Me

This is phenomenal!

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