If I search for a word in lemmy, I will get a list of individually unrelated posts and comments with that word. That is great.

The next step is then, when I see a relevant comment in the search result, to navigate to the thread/post containing that comment in order to understand the context and find relating material. However it seems like that is not possible - or at least I can’t find the link.

Are you considering including a link to the parent post in the search results? I think it’s a very important functionality to have in order for the search function to work properly.

Thank you :)


Below the comment, you should see three small [vertical] dots… Click on that, then on the chain link icon… It should take you to the original thread


Thanks! I thought it was really hard to find as navigation generally is placed in the top next to the author tag and title here. Also using an icon for URL insertion with a help text saying “link” is not intuitive to me… but it may be to others.

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