element.io (matrix) on pinephone

Would the element.io desktop client work on pinephone? Does it make sense? Otherwise, how to use a feature rich pinephone matrix client? When reading about gnu/linux clients, the only really feature rich, supporting e2e and several other important features, is element.io. And all those clients seem oriented to the desktop, rather than a phone. However perhaps some have already gotten matrix clients, as feature rich as element.io, working on pinephone.


FluffyChat has enough features to get by, I think, and it’s oriented for a phone interface. It runs on Linux so you could try building it, installing it through Flatpak, or installing it through the Ubuntu Touch store if you’re running Ubuntu Touch.


Looks like it, :) It doesn’t get rooms updates, which is not so bad. But it doesn’t support voip, meaning no audio calls, and no video calls supported either. That’s not good for a phone, :(

On the other side, it’s great that it uses Flutter rather than Electron. It means less resource intensive than electron based apps I’d guess. Though just like element.io, its programming language might be javascript (the clients URL only mentions flutter as programming language). But to me both audio and video calls sound like a must…

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