The virus of fascism

The financial capital everywhere is switching to the fascist phase of its dictatorship. It’s trying to get out of non-stop series of crises this way, each heavier and longer than the previous one. And every time before a crisis hits, it suddenly turns outs that too many goods have been produced, much more than can be distributed, i.e. sold for money.

But the goods cannot be sold not because all the needs of the society have been met with excess. On the contrary, the majority of the population, especially the proletariat, cannot fully satisfy even their most urgent needs.

During a crisis, there are plenty of goods, but their price does not fall, because monopolies are able to keep it high. Monopolists no longer need to drown their surplus goods in the sea or burn them in the furnaces. Instead they can declare a global epidemic and this way achieve forced sale of commodity surpluses, and not just at the usual price, but extremely overpriced because of the artificially created shopping frenzy.

At the same time, a large number of companies close down or reduce production. The small and middle bourgeoisie goes bankrupt on a massive scale and “proletarizes”. Unemployment reaches huge proportions, the wages of workers fall below the biological need to reproduce the labor force. Workers en masse fall into extreme poverty and starving existence.

During a crisis, a significant part of the society’s productive forces is not used and is inactive. Some things get demolished and destroyed, as if already redundant (to capitalists, not to the people!). At the same time, enormous theft and destruction of productive forces takes place.

Time passes, and the goods are gradually sold, they dissolve little by little. Then, the crisis is replaced by depression, that semi-faint state of the capitalist economy gradually regaining consciousness. Slow growth in production begins. Enterprises that have previously stopped working come to life a little bit. Fixed capital gets renewed, enterprises somehow get new equipment, which allows to get high profits even when selling goods at relatively low prices.

The depression is followed by a short revival, which is supposed to turn into a rise in production. But in imperialist crises, especially in recent years, a revival has long stopped turning into recovery (“economic growth”), instead collapsing into another crisis. However, production still recovers a little. At the same time, after a very short while, it once again turns out that too many goods have been produced for which there is a huge (real!) demand of the working masses, yet, there isn’t enough paying demand, because the working class and other laborers simply don’t have the money to buy everything they need. This means that the sale of goods is again at an impasse, and again, a heavy crisis breaks out.

The global capital is trying to delay its death and get out of the prolonged and deepening crisis. For this purpose, it’s using every conceivable and unthinkable method and technique, including faking a global pandemic.

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