When Atlassian Hipchat shutdown/moved everyone to slack, I evaluated Matrix and Mattermost. I did prefer Matrix because of Federation, but Mattermost won out because it had more out of the box integration with our dev tooling - Jira, Gitlab, CI, etc…

I don’t think Mattermost has E2E encryption, only “encryption in transit” and “encryption at rest”, would probably make it difficult for public room search/indexing etc so maybe outside it’s use case?

Dreeg Ocedam

Mattermost is amazing in term of UX. It loads fast, contrary to slack or Webex teams that load in roughly 1min in my computer (WTF Cisco?).

On the other hand, Matrix is much less intuitive, and the experience is still quite confusing at times. If you self-host, the lack of E2E is not that much of an issue, since your message never transit by any third party server. Sure it’s a bit less secure than E2E, but having truly secure E2E would mean giving up using a Web Client.

I still have a few issues with Mattermost, mainly that it pings and a few other domains even when self hosted. Also the smartphone App is complete crap.

There is also Twake, which was made Open Source this summer. It’s till far behind mattermost in many aspects, but it offers nice integration with OnlyOffice and tries to be a more full-blown collaborative tool than just instant communication.


I tested it extensively. It is nice overall, but artificially made bad in a few critical places (ACL for managing channels for example) to sell the enterprise version. Ultimately I decided to use something else because of that.

There was some talk about making a true community driven fork as opposed to this open-core demo, but I guess there are enough alternatives.


Agreed. I still run a mattermost instance for a few people, but if I wanted like a “community” there I’d absolutely need some of the Enterprise features.


Are there any advantages of mattermost in comparison to matrix?


Its probably better for communities, as it has shared roles and all that, and the fact that its self hostable is already a one up on discord… but matrix being federated, and having a whole ecosystem of clients and services makes it better overall.

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