Is this really the right way to share music with each other?

at the moment the vast majority of the posts on this sub are links to youtube videos of songs, which is in my opinion unfortunate for several reasons

youtube audio is trash, so you’re either have to subject yourself to this abomination or simply listen to this song your preferred way (piracy/streaming services) at which point you might as well just post the name of the song without any links

and also by linking to a youtube video of a song you’re not only not supporting the original composer, but at the same time supporting google, which sucks

if the artist produces music under a free license or publishes their music outside of proprietary platforms then you should probably link straight to the source

i’m not quite sure what the perfect solution to that would be

simply linking pirated flacs (or other high fidelity audio codec of your choice) of the albums/songs would be cool, and we would end up with a neat music collection here, but that would basically equate lemmy to torrent trackers in the eyes of companies and governments, which would result in it being blocked and suppressed on other platforms

but by linking to streaming platform albums/songs you are effectively supporting the very meh status quo of music production/distribution

what are your thoughts on this?

I don’t think this is exactly related to your post, but I was thinking what if this community had its own Funkwhale instance where all the CC music shared here were compiled so that you’d have a snapshot of our musical interest and a radio to listen to it all. At the same time, we could incentivize people to post more CC music to fill up the instance so sharing music legally won’t be relegated to sharing shitty Youtube links.


You can post torrent links as the URL here, but you’ll have to name the individual song.

This will always be file sharing friendly.


I tend to think this is the kind of thing where you should try starting a different community with stricter rules, put in the effort to populate it with initial content, and see what people gravitate towards.

Another alternative would be for bots to exist that would automate looking up alternate links / artist profiles; I have one of those in matrix and it’s quite nice. I think the devs’ goals are to keep such bots off the flagship, but that’s another “split off and see how it goes” option.


interesting! could you link the bot pls?


I’m not sure if Songwhip has bandcamp, but the concept’s clear.


I know that this isn’t a universal solution, but just to mention that there is a shit-metric ton of Creative Commons music out there and we could be sharing that.

You can for example dig through or There’s some decent stuff there.

Along with a lot of shit. I’m not gonna lie about it. When everyone can publish their music, a lot of amateurs will and a lot of really experimental music will get in, too. But hey, that makes it all the nicer when you’ve discovered some good music in there and can share it without restrictions.


Having a separate instance with some communities for sharing flacs might be cool, but I don’t know that I’d want it on the “flagship” instance since things like that typically tend to fully take over a community’s culture. I want Lemmy to be a diverse sharing and discussion site for a variety of topics and not soulseek-but-it-looks-like-reddit.

I think certainly building a culture where we prefer “blessed” sources of an artist’s music (directly on their websites, bandcamp, soundcloud, artist’s youtube channel, maybe some day funkwhale will really take off for this kinda stuff) or just user-and/or-artist-respecting platforms and preferring those makes sense. already exists.


One thing I’ve started to do from now on is adding a Bandcamp link for that specific release in the post body.


For me the best solution is livestreaming covers and/or sheet music, passing down the music like we did long ago. but I know this is hard to put in practice. the flac solution seems the more balanced and if we get caught, eh! bad luck, the site will be reborn under a new name, that’s how internet works.


i guess you could apply the pirate bay argument here that essentially the devs are not responsible for the legality of content being posted there, but there might be some trouble after /u/dessalines made a post literally welcoming piracy :)

there might be some trouble after /u/dessalines made a post literally welcoming piracy :)

isn’t this site hosted in a way that this isn’t a concern?

A community to share the music worth sharing.

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