I have all the proxy_set_header directives in nginx, including the new ones just added in yesterday or the day before.

I noticed this in my logs a short while ago: Dec 17 20:07:03 [lemmy] [2020-12-17T20:07:03Z ERROR actix_http::response] Internal Server Error: LemmyError { inner: {"error":"Too many requests. type: Message, IP: , 180 per 60 seconds"} }

There was a bunch of them over a period of a minute or so.

In cross-referencing the time with the actual nginx access logs, it looks erroneous. There were a flurry of systems accessing a post, but never 180 requests from any single source.

I notice the error message there has a blank IP: - and I wonder if everything in the lemmy backend is able to handle IP’s in the IPV6 format - as nginx is logging requests eg: “::ffff:”

It’s only been a one-off so far, but I may go increase the rate limiting in the short term if there’s some breakage there.


I’m not sure, as you’d said you should only get those if the nginx headers aren’t set. Let me know if any front end clients get rate limited to an internal looking IP.

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