Attorney General Ken Paxton announced today that the State of Texas is leading a multistate coalition in a lawsuit against Google for multiple violations of federal and state antitrust and consumer protection laws, including anticompetitive conduct, exclusionary practices and deceptive misrepresentations in connection with its role in the multi-trillion-dollar online display advertising industry.

This is big!

The allegation from Texas’ state attorneys are huge!

They claimed that Google abused it’s market power to force websites to adopt Google ads. They owned the ads, the market for ads, and used predatory practices to force publishers to use their ads.

It is even claimed that AMP was used to prevent publishers from using non-google ads.

There are some allegations that Google and Facebook colluded to keep their places in the ad market, though a lot of it is redacted.

There is this twitter thread that condenses the most important parts.


This coordination with FB sounds interesting.

going so far as to induce senior Facebook executives to agree to a contractual scheme that undermines the heart of competitive process.

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