Would this be just marketing, or a real threat for double ratchet encryption? This sound really sad if true. Not sure if Signal has anything to comment about this announcement…

The whole claim that this company can “hack” the app sounds completely trumped up to me.

Tweets from the creator of Signal:

From Edward Snowden:

Article as published.

Article post embarrassment.

This is absolutely not a threat to the in flight messages of Signal. Basically, what they claim is that if they can break into your phone, they can read your stored message, which is absolutely not new since you can just open the App and access everything ^^.


Hmm, according to this subreddit, it looks more like marketing, since it seems they can get to your messages if having physical access to your phone, and if having root access t it, given an original but removed post cached in:


I really hope that’s the case, and also that even by having physical access, but if the phone is encrypted, then it’s somehow safe, in case of being stolen or the likes…


Delete in one hour->problem solved

Cellebrite is such a big brain company, they amaze me. They can hack iPhones though, but not some of the best Androids. Now they come up with this Signal lie.

They are one mixed bag.


deleted by creator


What doesn unlockable means BTW? unencrypted? To install Lineage for example, one needs to unlock the bootloader. Is that the unlocking mentioned, or something else?


deleted by creator


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