Has anyone discussed with admins of the notabug and saidit and the others, getting them federated with lemmy?

Their users get access to more content, which makes them stronger. They get access to more users. Each one can control whether its culture gets diluted or preserved.

All the services become more vibrant and sustainable. It sounds like a win-win.

Are they interested? Is it technically possible?


I would def like to see other reddit clones get federated ( particularly ones like tildes.net and lobste.rs ), but its a massive amount of work as @nutomic@lemmy.ml can attest to.


I can give a little background on how the owner and users of Tildes feel. Given Tildes’ focus on a particular vision for discussion, proposals for federation haven’t really been taken to and have been seen as something which could take away from the social goals of the site if not handled very carefully. In fact, this used to be part of an old FAQ:

Decentralized communities are interesting and have a lot of potential, but that model also introduces its own problems and difficulties. Tildes is already attempting to do quite a few things differently to improve the quality of online communities, and I’m more interested in focusing on those goals without introducing the additional complexity of decentralization.

However, since Tildes is open-source, someone else could certainly use it as a base for their own decentralized version.


I think as a start it will be easier to get other already ActivityPub using platforms that support groups (Hubzilla/Zap/Friendica/Pleroma) to start federating with Lemmy.


I don’t know about notabug, but I don’t think that saidit is in line with this instance’s Code of Conduct.

And where to even begin with Ruqqus?

I like the idea alot but idk if they’d see it being beneficial on top of all the work they’d have to do to make it work


In that case, could somebody make an instance with proof of work voting? Or one with anonymous posting (or shared logins)?

Would they be impossible or forbidden somehow?

Would be great to experiment with voat’s and notabug’s features, but within the fediverse.


From a technical standpoint, sure someone could make a “votechain” link aggregator. Which I assume is what you mean by proof of work voting.

Heck, I’m certain there’s already one out there given how many misapplications of blockchain there are out there.

They couldn’t federate with “Fediverse” (colloquial name for ActivityPub) software, though, since the whole point of blockchain is that it can’t get input from outside of the network as it is not cryptographically secure.

Anonymous posting would, generally speaking, be possible with ActivityPub. I don’t know about the Lemmy-centric activities that are currently implemented and if something would get weird. But speaking about general Fediverse software it would work. But given that Lemmy currently works by opt-in federation, it’s possible that major instances would not opt to federate with such instances.


What I mean is that I like notabug.io. It has two features which attract a certain, slightly obnoxious but interesting and well-informed, userbase.

  1. Proof of work voting. To post or vote, the site makes your computer run a CPU intensive job. It takes a couple of seconds to run. You can vote on the same post many times, if you’re willing to spend the time and battery power.
  2. Anonymous posting and voting. This means people post odd things. There is lots of empty racism and spam, but also unique perspectives and ideas.

But there is no future in notabug IMO, or in any of these very niche but valuable forums. It will keep losing users and turn into a spambot. But it could be revived as a Lemmy instance.

Many other instances won’t want to federate with it but I don’t think that’s a problem.

And other instances could be created to try out other kinds of voting, to see what kind of cultures develop and what works well.

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