GitHub - AGWA/sms-over-xmpp: XMPP Component (XEP-0114) to send and receive SMS
XMPP Component (XEP-0114) to send and receive SMS. Contribute to AGWA/sms-over-xmpp development by creating an account on GitHub.

Can also sync with a CardDAV server to some extent

@poVoq Interesting to see more projects bridging #xmpp and #sms
Isn’t this to some extent similar to #cheogram and the #sopranica projects?

Similar, yes. Though Cheogram also supports bridging phone calls these days.

Connecting XMPP and SMS is certainly nothing new though. is 11 years old, and I’m sure many other solutions preceded it 🙂

Another interesting one is sms4you: - it’s special because it supports simply using a local modem/SIM, rather than depending on an online API provider.

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@debacle @mattj @poVoq Those are some cool projects!
I need to get a bit more involved in deploying #xmpp gateways, there are some exciting projects currently going on


Yes there are multiple such projects now with different pro and cons.

Using XMPP in combination with other legacy networks.

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