Fonctionnalité Live — Retour d'utilisation

J’ai élucidé mon problème de flou toute les 8 secondes. Mes scripts utilisent l’utilitaire bc pour calculer la taille du buffer d’encodage video pour la fixer à 2 secondes de vidéo à partir du bitrate utilisé. Et cet utilitaire bc n’était pas installé sur une des deux machines que j’utilisais pour diffuser les lives ce qui conduisait ffmpeg à choisir une taille de buffer par defaut qui était probablement trop petite : [libx264 @ 0x560a3b0624c0] [warning] VBV buffer size cannot be smaller than o…

Discussion on framacolibri (Framasoft’s discourse instance) about the first live-stream test by

They used the dev branches to do the first tests of live streaming on a peertube instance this WE.

They ran a true live for several hours, the results were quite good. They called on mastodon for people to join in order to stress-test the live stream. They reached a maximum of ~ 200 people and it required roughly 500Mbits/sec (for 1080p 24 fps, though there wasn’t much moving content on screen, so YMMV). It seems that the use of webtorrent allowed to shed a lot of bandwidth requirements for the server.

Some bugs were reported and are already being fixed (thanks chocobozz!)

In conclusion, the live stream feature seems promising!! However it also seems quite resource intensive on the server, so I wouldn’t expect many instance to enable live streaming for anyone that has an account.

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